Contour Design is a boutique interior design office that offers a full range of services: from new builds and small scale remodels to single room makeovers. Bespoke design is integral to my approach. For a project to be successful I believe in open communication and transparency from day one. I work with clients on all aspects of the interior design process in order to create functional and beautiful spaces that reflected their personal state and style.

Attention to details

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort…”
John Ruskin
Art Critic

I believe that what makes the design truly unique for an absolutely perfect finish is the art of paying attention to the smallest details. These are the essence of my designs. With dedication to maximizing the potential of every small feature, your project will have the most professional and wonderful finish.  It is always my promise to deliver a truly exceptional design that is bespoke to the requirements and tastes of each of my clients.

bespoke Design

Contemporary; eclectic; classical or fusing styles, exceptional interior design achieved when it’s made bespoke to client aspirations. Bespoke design is integral to my approach. Every facet of a project can be custom made to exacting specifications, ensuring that the clients’ needs are realized with unwavering creative expression, with the very finest quality assured. My work is a reflection of who my clients are and how they wish to live, as diverse as each of them. I understand that no two clients are the same, so as a tailor cuts his cloth, I design interior; each design to suit the way you live while striving to take your project to the next level.

Creating beautiful, comfortable & timeless interiors is my passion.
Let me make your dream home a reality!

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