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I am passionate about achieving fresh and exciting interiors for clients and I understand that each and every project has its own requirements and challenges. I approach every project as a unique design journey, carefully considering client lifestyles, preferences and personal needs, whilst all while interpreting tastes and ambitions to create your perfect home. For a project to be successful I believe in open communication and transparency from day one. Here, you can see the various stages which will help you understand my process from start to finish.

Initial Concept

During this brief stage I work and collaborate closely with my clients so that we garner a complete understanding of the stated goals and learn about how the client wishes to use the property, their personal style, lifestyle and aspiration.  We understand all factors such as the scope of work and your budget. This guides the process and our journey together. I prepare and present space planning options and initial concepts layered with preliminary selections of finishes, furniture and lighting. My passion as a designer is to search for the unexpected, individually tailored solution. The goal of this stage is to develop aesthetic and functional requirements of your future home that inspire and challenge you

Design Development

Once you have approved the conceptual stage, the initial ideas are crafted into a unique design language. I will prepare a series of design presentations which will develop spatial, structural and architectural arrangements, samples, colors, lighting, furnishings, joinery and finishes.


This is the phase where the design starts to take shape and becomes a reality. I liaise and collaborate with other consultants- architects, engineers, A/C, audio, etc., and integrate their documentation to ensure the design is executed to plan.  I assist my clients to understand and navigate the practical, aesthetic, legal and design considerations that arise. I ensure clear communication, project stability and efficiency throughout the project, while the client remains the central and primary decision maker. I will attend site meetings to ensure my designs are being carried out to the exact specifications. During this stage, your vision for your home is completed with the real final selection. I manage all aspects of transforming your house into a completed, comfortable and beautiful home and allowing you to enjoy the journey with peace of mind.

Creating beautiful, comfortable & timeless interiors is my passion.
Let me make your dream home a reality!

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