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My Role as an interior designer


Contour Design was established by Interior Designer Alona Orlan. Her passion for design started at a young age as she was exposed to diverse cultural scenes and the art of woodworking and creation of custom-made solutions in her father’s carpentry shop. Her vast experience as a manager in marketing positions in Israel and abroad enhance her skills in identifying the needs of her clients and translate their DNA and aspirations to visual language. 

Alona is an interior designer dedicated to the highest level of detail and the aesthetics of creative expression.  Her expertise embraces multiple styles as she delivers timeless spaces that are fresh, elegant and welcoming. Alona’s inspiration for design is piqued by her travels around the world and passion for art, history and architecture.  She brings these elements together to create statement spaces that are layered with classical elements and exude modern glamour and global flair. Alona’s powerful sense of style is driven by her thirst for new challenges and a desire to push the boundaries beyond expectation.

science of senses

My role as an interior designer is much more than creating  beautiful places. A house is a reflection of ourselves,  it needs to meet our physical and emotional needs. I create spaces that empower the people inside the home,  inspire them, and enable them to live in harmony, all while  embracing their lifestyle into the design. As a young child, I had a hard time finding this peace in my home and as the years went by, I felt the tremendous impact of a space on our spirit, productivity and creativity. I see it as a science of senses that has a great impact on our lives.
My past experience and studies in social behavior and marketing serve me with an understanding and definition of peoples’ needs and desires and to know what path to take in order to truly understand what they want from their environment. I am able to extract key elements of your personality and style and help you to translate it into the essence of your interior space. I love making people happy. To see a thrilled client is a pleasure and comes with the joy of knowing you’ve done something that will bring others delight for years to come.

Exceed your expectations

I aspire and intend to exceed your expectations every step of the way.  My mission is 100% commitment to custom tailored interior design that  enriches interior space through an exceptionally skilled and  personalized service for both residential and commercial clients. I provide every client with beautiful, functional and unique design concepts that truly reflect their personal sense of style and  personality. The destination is important but also the journey,  and I can promise you that the journey will be fun and fulfilling. 

Joyous & rewarding journy

I truly believe that GOOD design is not just reflected in a stylish home, but a process that is joyous and rewarding. I am passionate about people and love learning their personal nuances through their life stories. So, whether you’re on your second home, buying your first or  moving to new offices, I will love to go on this journey with you.

Creating beautiful, comfortable & timeless interiors is my passion.
Let me make your dream home a reality!

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